TOP Products Precision Electrochemical Machining
Precision Electrochemical Machining(PECM)
The PECM process is an advanced electrochemical machining that incorporates DC pulse power and an oscillating cathode tool. A pulsed current is applied to the gap between the cathode and workpiece in synchronization with the oscillating cathode. The gap can be controlled very accurately to less than 0.02mm then the shape of the cathode can be reproduced very accurately and with very fine detail in the workpiece. PECM process provides precise machining with high dimensional and repeat accuracy and no need for subsequent deburring and polishing. PECM is drawing attention as one of the most attractive methods for micromachining of conductive materials.
Eco- friendly System
When stainless steel alloys are electrochemically machined, part of the chromium metal in the alloy is converted to hexavalent chromium which is harmful to people’s health. Ecological System ET-Eco provides automatic reduction of hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium which is non-toxic and safe. The hexavalent chromium contained in the spent electrolyte and sludge to be disposed of is well below the permissible exposure limit.