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ECM Electrochemical Machining
Electrochemical machining (ECM), a noncontact machining process, is especially efficient in working complex parts out of very hard conductive metals. We are manufacturing jet engine parts such as castings, compressor blades, and blisks. As an ECM machine user and ECM machine builder we are contributing to further development of aerospace industry.
Electrolyte fluid is forced through the gap between tool (cathode) and workpiece (work) during ECM. A low-voltage and high-current DC power system supplies the machining energy to the gap. The tool electrode of ECM must be connected as cathode and the workpiece must be connected as anode. The electrochemical anodic dissolution phenomenon dissolves workpiece according to the cathode shape.

  • Some parts made of difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium aluminides, Inconel 718 and Waspalloy can be machined in half the time of conventional mechanical machining processes.
  • 3D shape is finished in one pass.
  • Complex shapes such as embossments are made without requiring multiple cuts.
  • Cathode basically exhibits no wear and can be used over and over.
  • ECM places less heat and mechanical stress on the workpiece that mechanical machinings do.
We can offer PECM using pulsed current for further improvement of accuracy and surface finish, which expands ECM applications into automotive and precision machining industries.
    Fully automated ECM machine
for fuel accumulation chamber of injector nozzle
We offer ECM contract machining capability and also provide complete package of ECM system to meet customers requirement on turnkey basis.